Ejemplos de recomendaciones para LinkedIn (en inglés)

Muchas veces queremos recomendar a alguien en LinkedIn, pero no sabemos muy bien que poner. No hace mucho que me he comprado el siguiente libro: 101 LinkedIn Recommendations ( Ready to use endorsements for LinkedIn and other social networking sites, for software professionals from CEO to programmer ) de Sudhir R.


101Recomendaciones Ejemplos de recomendaciones para LinkedIn (en inglés)


La verdad, es que al principio estaba un poco escéptica, pero ahora no me arrepiento. El libro está dividido de la siguiente manera:


1. Recommendations for CEO, CFO, President, Executive Vice President, Vice President


2. Recommendations for GM Sales and Marketing, Regional Sales Head, Sales Head, Marketing Head


3. Recommendations for Business Development Manager, Business Development Manager, Business Development Director, Sales Manager, Account Manager, Marketing Manager


4. Recommendations for Business Development Executive, Marketing Executive, Senior Executive


5. Recommendations for General Manager, Delivery Head, Program Manager, Product Manager, Business Unit Head, Practice Head


6. Recommendations for Group Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Technical Project Manager, Project Manager, Associate Project Manager


7. Recommendations for Senior Principal Software Architect, Group Architect, Chief Architect, Senior Architect, Solution Architect, Technical Architect, Business Analyst


8. Recommendations for Technical Leader, Project Leader, Module Leader, Technical Consultant, Consultant


9. Recommendations for Senior Software Engineer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Developer, Programmer



El libro contiene única y exclusivamente recomendaciones, nada más.


Adjunto  ejemplos a continuación:


Capítulo 6:


by peer and senior


Lara is one of the most gifted architects that I have worked with. She was able to deal both equally well, a high-level architecture with sound knowledge of design patterns and functional system interactions with in depth knowledge of DotNet technology. She is always eager to learn and experiment with new technologies and ideas. Her modesty and humble attitude speaks for her greatness. I foresee a perfect leader in making. Her knowledge of DotNet  brought in completely new perspectives and ways of working in our practice and in the products that we were making. She is a very versatile and exceptionally talented asset to organization. Her ability to speak technically with peers and mentor junior developers eases the implementation after architecting the solution. It is really a joy working with Lara.



By Junior


Working for and with James has been a great learning experience. What impresses me most is his work ethics and passion for various technologies like Hibernate, Silverlight, iPad development or any other new technology. He always knows it ahead of time and encourages us too to learn new things. I am extremely impressed by his drive and technical expertise. He is magical at keeping teamsmorale high. As soon as he comes to team and talk to us, our spirit is lifted high. What an amazing experience! With his strong leadership skills he could always sail us from turbulent patches in project. He can quickly jump into any new project and take charge with ease. James being on a project is such a comfort.



Capítulo 8:


by peer and senior


Lara displays extremely high levels of energy and commitment in everything she does. I have known her for her entire professional career so far and can assert that with her on your team you can face insurmountable challenges. Her curiosity knows no bounds and it has helped me to discover high risk elements in my project which may have gone unnoticed. I can say with confidence that she demonstrated excellent knowledge of the .NET, WPF and WCF technologies. She loves to take initiatives and does not wait for the instructions. She fosters team spirit and works with the team for achieving results. Definitely she is an asset for any team.


By Junior



Lara is very friendly, accommodating and works very well with her colleagues. She is one of my seniors who have not ceased to inspire me. She is generally the subject matter expert in whatever area she is working in. She is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure to work with. She has knowledge of multiple development platforms and has thorough knowledge of advantages and disadvantages of each. She is a brilliant thinker, problem solver, and a true software engineer. Perhaps one of her most valuable strengths is her ability to bring order in chaos and formulate structured process to carry out the things. I would be fortunate to work with her again.



Definitivamente, recomiendo el libro a todas aquellas personas que tengan perfiles internaciones y contactos en inglés. Este libro puede ayudarte a crear recomendaciones profesionales, usa las ideas, no hagas copiar y pegar.



Esperamos que te haya gustado el artículo y nos encantaría saber si te ha sido útil. Anímate a dejarnos tu comentario. 


Hasta la próxima!!


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